Harvard Suspends Law Professor Based on Sexual Assault Claims He Calls False

CAMBRIDGE, MA - DECEMBER 16: A gate sits locked on Quincy Street at Harvard University during a bomb scare December 16, 2013 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Police were alerted at roughly nine thirty this morning of possible bombs at four different buildings on the Harvard campus. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)
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Harvard Law School Professor Bruce Hay was suspended by the institution as part of a Title IX investigation after it received accusations of sexual misconduct from a woman Hay claims committed fraud.

Harvard Law School Professor Bruce Hay is facing an indefinite suspension from the university after he was accused by Maria-Pia Shuman of sexual misconduct. The only problem? Hay claims that Shuman has been engaged in a long-term harassment and deception campaign against him.

Professor Bruce Hay entered into a consensual relationship with Maria-Pia Shuman after they bonded over their shared progressive politics. Hay built a relationship with Shuman and her transgender roommate, Mischa Haider. But according to Hay, the relationship between the group quickly turned sour.

At one point, Shuman and her partner allegedly tricked Hay into leasing his family home to the couple. Hay claims that the team of Shuman and Haider used his Harvard email account to approve a lease, granting them two years in his $3.2 million home for only $1,500 a month.

To make matters even more complicated, Shuman filed a Title IX report with Harvard University, claiming that Hay had sexually abused her. As a result of its Title IX policy, Hay was suspended immediately:

Hay had been keeping the university apprised of Shuman and Haider’s actions, but Harvard’s regulations governing Title IX investigations mean that Hay is still barred from teaching until investigators issue their findings. In the past few years, Harvard has made efforts to take claims of sexual misconduct against professors more seriously. The university recently stripped retired vice-provost and noted Cuban scholar Jorge Domínguez of faculty privileges after confronting four decades’ worth of sexual-misconduct allegations. More recently, Harvard suspended economist Roland Fryer for allegations of sexual harassment.

“I don’t blame Harvard for initially taking the side of the women,” Hay said in a comment, “but after presenting them with all this evidence — these people aren’t who they say they are.”

Shuman claims that she gave birth to a child that was fathered by Hay. Although Hay has fought to gain parental rights, Shuman and Haider have repeatedly pushed back. Hay has not seen the baby since 2017.

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