TPUSA Activist Katie Moon: Joe Biden Said ‘Don’t Play Games with Me, Kid’ Before Grabbing Arm

Joe Biden at Iowa State Fair
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Turning Point USA (TPUSA) activist and student Katie Moon — who recently asked former vice president Joe Biden to list how many genders there are — told Breitbart News that Biden said to her, “don’t play games with me, kid,” moments before grabbing her arm to utter an additional, confusing statement. Moon joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview for TPUSA’s weekly campus report.

“If you’re running for such an office as President of the United States, you should at least be able to actually answer any question thrown out at you, especially to a normal, every-day citizen,” said Katie Moon of her recent interaction with 2020 Democrat primary presidential candidate Joe Biden at the Iowa State Fair.

The student had asked Biden how many genders there are, to he responded, “There are at least three.” But when Moon asked her follow-up question inquiring as to what the alleged three genders are, the former vice president reacted by stating, “Don’t play games with me, kid.”

You can listen to the interview below:

“As soon as he said to not ‘play games’ with him, I just kind of thought, ‘Okay, whatever — he’s not going to answer my question, I’m not going to get anything,'” said Moon. “So, I just decided to try to remove myself from the situation, but he reached out and grabbed my arm — pretty aggressively — to get my attention again, but I’m not even quite sure why he decided to grab my arm.”

The student said that after grabbing her arm,  Biden uttered something about marriage. “By the way, first one to come out for marriage was me,” Biden can be heard saying in the video, which was later posted to Twitter by TPUSA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk.

“It was very confusing,” noted the student of Biden’s response, in which he conflated the supposed number of genders with what seemed to be his stance on same-sex marriage.

“I’m with you,” concurred Marlow. “I don’t see the issues as at all related — your viewpoint on how many genders there are — I don’t see how that has anything to do with same-sex marriage, or laws, or who can marry whom. The fact that that’s where his mind went, I thought was also revealing.”

Moon added that viewers had mixed reactions to the viral video of her interaction with Biden, as some people viewers stated that the presidential candidate should not have grabbed Moon, while others referred to the student as a “snowflake.”

“I just don’t get why he’s touching people, he should not be touching people,” noted Marlow. “I’m not going to act as though you’re going to need physical therapy and [that] you need to file a police report here, Katie, but — he’s had a bad history of touching people, and people should care about it.”

“And you’re allowed to ask,” added Marlow. “You’re a journalist, he’s in a scrum, there’s a lot of people there. You’re allowed to ask him how many genders he thinks there is, without getting grabbed.”

Despite the bizarre Biden interaction, Moon said that she loves going to the Iowa State Fair, and has been going to it every year, with this year being her first time attending the fair with TPUSA.

Moon added that she is looking forward to getting more involved with the conservative organization this upcoming fall semester at her school, as she has decided to become more active and educated with regards to politics, after dealing with leftists first-hand at her college.

“It turns out there is going to be a [TPUSA] chapter starting at my college this year,” said Moon.

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