Report: DoorDash Still Withholding Some Tips from Workers

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu
Steve Jennings/Getty

A new report suggests that DoorDash is still withholding tips from its delivery workers, despite promising a month ago to pay drivers the tips customers give them.

According to a report from Business Insider, DoorDash is still withholding tips from its delivery drivers despite a promise to change its policy on tips. Breitbart News reported in July that a group of DoorDash employees are filing a class action lawsuit against the company for withholding their tips.

“DoorDash has engaged in unlawful and deceptive acts, practices and misconduct by misleading Plaintiff and the consuming public to believe that the tip amount entered on the DoorDash app would be received as a tip by the DoorDash delivery workers for their service,” a legal filing from the lawsuit states. “DoorDash knew, and failed to disclose, that the tip amount entered by Plaintiff and other consumers on the app was received by DoorDash, in whole or in part, and used to subsidize its cost of doing business.”

Breitbart News reported in July that DoorDash had announced that they would change their policy on driver pay. The new policy was designed to ensure that drivers receive the entirety of their tip. Despite the announcement, drivers claim that they have yet to receive tips.

One former DoorDash delivery driver said that many delivery platforms are exploiting their drivers. “I use caviar on a regular and make a average of 25 dollars an hour per delivery time and tips are included on top of base pay,” the former driver said. “I’m worried they’ll do the same with Caviar if DoorDash successfully acquires it.”

A company representative claims that their drivers, called “Dashers,” will receive a guaranteed minimum for each delivery. “Dashers tell us they value knowing the minimum they’ll earn up front, and our model is designed to make the guaranteed minimum fair for every delivery — including the vast majority of orders where DoorDash provides a pay boost to ensure the Dasher receives at least the guaranteed amount,” the representative said in a short comment.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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