Amazon Joins Walmart in Claiming Tesla Solar Panels Caught Fire

Elon Musk shrugs
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E-commerce giant Amazon has backed up claims by retailer Walmart that Tesla solar panels caught fire at multiple Walmart locations across the United States by claiming that it experienced its own fire related to the solar panels at a warehouse in California.

Bloomberg reports that following the news last week that Walmart was suing Tesla, claiming that solar panels installed by the firm caused fires at multiple Walmart locations, Amazon has now claimed to face similar issues. Breitbart News recently reported that retail giant Walmart Inc. is suing Elon Musk’s company over a number of roof fires at multiple Walmart stores which the firm alleges were caused by Elon Musk’s solar panels. Walmart is suing for breach of contract and is alleging “gross negligence” on Tesla’s part. Walmart is alleging that fires on the rooftops of stores in California, Maryland, and Ohio were the result of Tesla solar panels.

Now, Amazon is claiming that in June 2018, one of the firms warehouses in Redland, California, was set ablaze following a malfunction by a solar panel system installed by Tesla’s SolarCity division. Since then, Amazon claims to have taken steps to protect its facilities and has no plans to install more Tesla systems. It was also alleged in a report from Business Insider that Tesla initiated a secret project in the summer of 2018 called Project Titan in which the company attempted to secretly replace faulty solar panel components across the United States.

One former Tesla worker told Business Insider that working at Tesla was chaotic, particularly so during Project Titan. “That’s how all this goes — we fix stuff as it comes out,” the former employee said. “There is no planning ahead — there are too many fires to put out. Pun intended.”

Walmarts complaint filed last week states: “To state the obvious, properly designed, installed, inspected, and maintained solar systems do not spontaneously combust, and the occurrence of multiple fires involving Tesla’s solar systems is but one unmistakable sign of negligence by Tesla.”

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