North Central College Student Details Mandatory Social Justice Training

TPUSA Chapter President Hope Flynn
Hope Flynn

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter president Hope Flynn told Breitbart News that North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, is mandating that all students take a “political correctness module,” so that the school can inform them of their level of “privilege,” and remind students that they could be unknowingly offending others. Flynn joined host SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview for TPUSA’s weekly campus report.

“[The module] did ask us to describe our diversity, which basically meant we had to tell them what our race was, what our gender was, what our sexual orientation was, our religion, and then our political orientation,” said Flynn of the mandatory questioning. “The entire time they would ask us these pretty personal questions.”

“We were also asked to describe what our privilege would be, so if we had a race privilege, a body type privilege, a gender privilege,” added Flynn, “and to document if we’d ever been in a situation where we had committed a microaggression, and if that was due to any of our privileges that we had to describe.”

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The term “microaggression” typically refers to any instance in which an individual unknowingly or unintentionally offends somebody belonging to a group that left-wing activists consider downtrodden or “marginalized” in America.

“Then, they would basically just describe ways for us to avoid [committing microaggressions],” continued Flynn, who added that she found the concept to be “ridiculous,” as she feels that most people already inherently avoid being offensive as a common courtesy in society.

“I thought that most of the module was very obvious information — like why stereotyping is wrong, why you shouldn’t make assumptions about people,” said Flynn. “It’s not like we’re out here wanting to make assumptions about people, or wanting to stereotype people.”

The student also mentioned that the mandatory module” encourages students to understand their “Political Incorrectness.”

“They were talking about how we all have these unconscious biases,” said Flynn, who noted that these so-called unconscious biases have been dubbed, “political incorrectness” — insinuating that being politically correct means being an unprejudiced and more well-rounded individual.

Flynn said that all students — regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation — are subjected to being told by the school that they have a certain amount of “political incorrectness,” and are told to embrace those alleged biases “in order to fix it within ourselves.”

“They said that they weren’t saving the answers, but all of this was tied to our student accounts, and we are required to do this, so there’s a big part of me that doesn’t really believe that it’s not saved, or that it’s not anonymous,” noted Flynn of the module. “It’s tied to our student accounts, so they know which students had and hadn’t done it, specifically.”

The student added that she believes the mandatory assignment creates more division than it does unity, as it encourages students to constantly seek out — or be aware of — the differences between themselves and others.

“I think it does more so divide people,” said Flynn, “people don’t wake up wanting to commit microaggressions — very few people are like that, and very few people are going out and trying to look for the differences that they have with people.”

The hyper-focusing on race and other demographics is not unique to North Central College — it has become a much larger trend on university campuses across the country, inculcating students with the notion that they are somehow either guilty or being victimized, based solely on their specified race, gender, or sexual orientation, among other factors.

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