George Mason University Encourages Freshmen to Use Chocolate in Sex Play

Woman eating chocolate
Koichi Kamoshida /Getty

Incoming freshmen at George Mason University attended an orientation event during which they were encouraged to use chocolate to spice up their sex lives.

According to a report by The College Fix, a freshman orientation event at George Mason University entitled “Sexual Chocolate” encouraged students to incorporate chocolate products into their sex lives. The event, which was only mandatory for students in certain residential halls, included other sex topics, such as methods of preventing STDs and the proper way to put on a condom.

100 students at George Mason university attended the event. The event was hosted by guest speaker Stefanie Rhodes, who presented the “Sexual Chocolate” event twice to two separate groups on Tuesday evening.

“Consume chocolate regularly (no more than 3oz daily) for the greatest impact on arousal and improved sexual desire,” one slide during the presentation read. “Use chocolate in sex play. Chocolate body paint and chocolate syrup can improve your sex life by bringing more fun into the bedroom,” another slide read.

Chocolate cake was offered to students at the end of the event. Additionally, students who stayed after the event’s conclusion to enjoy the cake were offered a tutorial on how to properly use dildos.

You can watch excerpts from the event below.

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