‘I Hope You Die:’ University of New Hampshire Students Destroy Turning Point USA Display

university of new hampshire student
Charlie Kirk/Twitter

Students at the University of New Hampshire were caught on video tearing down Turning Point USA posters on Sunday and Monday. A leftist student said “I hate you and I hope you die” to one of the members of the school’s TPUSA group after being approached about tearing down the displays.

A student at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) told a fellow student that he wants him dead, according to a recent video which shows the aggressor tearing down posters promoting an upcoming TPUSA event featuring the organization’s founder Charlie Kirk and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) as guest speakers.

The vice president of the school’s TPUSA group, Jarrett Torriere, caught the students tearing down the promotional materials on Sunday, and confronted them on video. The incident was later posted to Twitter by Charlie Kirk.

“You guys don’t like our posters?” asked Torriere as he approached the vandals.

“Yeah, man, we fucking hate you,” replied one student.

“Yeah, we fucking hate it,” added another. “I hate you, and I hope you die.”

The following day, TPUSA northeast regional manager Taylor Cisinski caught a third student tearing down more of the organization’s promotional posters. The incident was also caught on video and later posted to social media.

Watch below:

“Why do you think it’s okay to take people’s stuff? Can you leave those alone?” said Cisinski in the video, while the student can be seen tearing down TPUSA posters. “What do you think this accomplishes?”

The student did not answer any of Cisinski’s questions, but instead, continued to tear down TPUSA posters as the regional manager attempted to elicit a response.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” continued Cisinski. “Does that make you feel better inside? To rip those up? that’s awfully fascist of you — you’re like a UNH fascist right here, taking down people’s free speech.”

TPUSA’s “Culture War” event series is hosted on college campuses across the country and feature Kirk, as well as an occasional guest speaker, such as Donald Trump Jr. or Sen. Paul.

“I’ve spent the past several weeks advertising for the upcoming Culture War event,” Torriere to Breitbart News, “and continuously, we’ve had individuals tearing down our posters. So it only seemed fair for everyone that when they tear down one [poster], we put another two up.”

The conservative student added that he caught leftist students tearing down TPUSA posters on Sunday, almost immediately after he had put them up.

“Within minutes, I witnessed two individuals approach the billboard and clearly saw them rip [the posters] down,” said Torriere. “I approached in a fairly calm and respectful way, they on the other hand clearly decided to respond with aggression. I believe that we as Americans can do better.”

“It bothers me and makes me curious as to what made that individual feel those actions were appropriate,” he added. “Overall, I think it really does say a lot about our society and our current political climate.”

“I come from a family where my grandfathers and great uncle all served in the Second World War and fought against actual fascism and for our individual rights and freedoms,” said Torriere. “These types of issues have a special place in my heart and the culture war is a battle I take personally and will continue to fight.”

The Turning Point USA event featuring Kirk and Sen. Paul is set to be held at UNH on Thursday, October 24.

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