Judge Approves Disabled Veteran’s Bias Lawsuit Against UMass

UMass Dartmouth
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U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns announced this week that a disabled veteran’s gender bias lawsuit against the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth will move forward.

According to a report by the College Fix, an anti-male gender bias lawsuit at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth will move forward in the court system.

The suit, which was brought by disabled veteran and Ph.D. candidate John Harnois, alleges that several faculty members at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth engaged in anti-male discrimination. The lawsuit alleges that Harnois was demoted to a slower graduation track after faculty learned that he had a criminal record. However, the lawsuit claims that there was no evidence to find Harnois guilty.

In a filing, U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns wrote that Harnois’ allegations are “sufficient” to support the claim that his gender was  “motivating factor” in their treatment of Harnois.

Harnois also maintains that UMass Dartmouth’s recent settlement of a costly gender discrimination lawsuit initiated by a female employee “hypersensitized” UMass Dartmouth to “suits by females filing Title IX discrimination complaints,” such that UMass Dartmouth was motivated to undertake preemptive and precipitous investigation of male students accused of Title IX misconduct. These allegations, collectively, if believed by a jury, are sufficient to support an inference that Harnois’s gender was a “motivating factor” in the decision of UMass Dartmouth to initiate a baseless Title IX investigation.

Despite the demotion to the slower graduation track, Harnois finished with a 4.0 GPA and was recruited into a prestigious internship program at Duke University.

Many legal analysts have criticized American colleges and universities for their disdain for due process. Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson pointed out that this case will move forward, in part, because the university failed to share an investigative report with Harnois.

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