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Google Accused of Paying Women Less than Men

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) asked a San Francisco federal judge on April 7 to compel Google to provide detailed data regarding systemic gender pay discrimination.

Jerry Brown ull

Gov. Jerry Brown to Sign New Equal Pay Law

California Governor Jerry Brown has indicated that he will sign a bill to provide female employees with more tools to enforce equal pay in the workplace.

Ellen Pao 35

Pao, After Losing Discrimination Case, Wanted $2.7 Million Not to Appeal

A woman who filed and lost a high-profile discrimination lawsuit against a Silicon Valley venture capital firm had a unique reaction: demanding the firm pay her $2.7 million to decline pursuing an appeal of the case, according to the firm, which filed court documents against her on Friday, NBC News reports.


ACLU Wants Civil Rights Investigation of Hollywood Sexism

Major Hollywood film and TV studios have long been criticized for failing to create a level playing field for women. While insiders and studies have highlighted the entertainment industry’s one-sided hiring practices in recent months and years, now the complainants have found an ally.