Chico State: Protester Takes Conservative’s Sign, Strikes Him in the Face with It

Chico State Campus assault
Michael Curry/Twitter

A video has surfaced on social media shows a protester shouting expletives at a conservative student on California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico)’s campus, before taking his sign and striking him in the face with it.

A confrontation between CSU, Chico’s College Republicans the chapter president Michael Curry and a protesting student was caught on video, according to the school’s student newspaper, the Orion, which first reported on the incident.

In the video, a female protester can be seen forcibly taking a paper sign from Curry’s hands, and then striking him in the face with it. The conservative student posted the video to Twitter on Wednesday.

Watch below:

According to the report, Curry was on campus tabling for College Republicans when students began playing loud music near the table in protest, while one female protester held a sign, which read, “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

Curry responded by standing next to the protester and displaying a sign, which read, “All Lives Matter,” according to Chico State police officer Lance Conlan.

“Get the fuck out of my fucking face!” shouted the protester as she ripped the sign from Curry, striking him in the face with it. “Get the fuck away from me!”

“You have the nerve to stand this close to me, when you fucking sacrificed my fucking safety!” continued the protester.

“Yeah, you’re making her feel unsafe, back up,” added another nearby protester.

“Fuck you!” added the initial protester. “You scarified my fucking safety, and you’re acting like I’m the one spreading lies,and then you have the nerve to stand right next to me!”

While the context of what the protester had been referring to is not exactly clear, officer Conlan noted that the incident is still under investigation, but that battery charges may be filed with the district attorney.

“After I was struck, I told my friends to call the police,” said Curry. “After she stopped yelling at me, she went and called the police herself reporting that I had ‘troubled’ her.”

“She then sat down on a bench and started crying,” he added. “The police showed up, she lied down on the ground and claimed she was having a panic attack. [She] asked for the police to order an ambulance and they took her away.”

On Thursday, Curry posted another video to Twitter, showcasing additional footage of protests on campus.

“More video from [Chico State],” tweeted Curry. “The left continues to harass and intimidate us on campus!”

“You’re a fucking clown, bro,” said one protester.

“Fuck your America,” said a second male protester wearing a pink tank top and pink nail polish.

“Fuck Donald Trump, bitch,” sang a third protester as music blared in the background. “Fuck Donald Trump and all his supporters. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.”

In another video, captioned, “People stealing our tabling materials @ChicoState,” a protester appears to have taken the conservative group’s gay pride flag.

“That’s our flag,” said Curry to one protester who was allegedly walking away with the group’s flag.

“This is my flag,” insisted the protester. “I’m gay, you’re not. This my flag. You don’t represent me.”

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