UCSB Workshop Helps Students Become Dorm ‘Sex-Perts’

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A workshop at the University of California, Santa Barbara, aims to help students become an expert on sex. Students were encouraged to help their peers learn more about sex by becoming the “sex-pert” for their residence hall.

According to a report by the College Fix, UCSB is training a fleet of “sex-perts.” These students will be instructed to hand out free contraception and informational pamphlets to students that live in their residence hall.

Student “sex-perts” will be required to undergo training before they can participate in the program. At the end of the fall semester, student participants were asked to attend an additional workshop on “kink, bdsm, and sex toys” if they planned to continue on as leaders in the program.

“An additional 1 hour training on kink, bdsm, and sex toys in the Winter is required to maintain your certification,” the university’s website reads.

UCSB health education specialist Joanna Hill said that the program will allow students to help each other learn how they can engage in healthy sex practices on campus.

“The training is four initial hours spread over two days with continuing education each quarter,” Hill said. “It educates students on the basics of holistic sexual health including information on communication, consent, contraception, reproduction, STIs, autonomy and agency over one’s own body, and safety.”

Not all students at the university are happy with the “sex-perts” program. One freshman told the College Fix that they didn’t believe it was appropriate for tuition to fund sex education on campus.

“I don’t want my tuition going to sex education,” the student said. “We get enough of it in high school and my college tuition should not be going to this. It’s unnecessary and quite frankly, I disagree with it.”


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