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‘Become Indian:’ University of California Prof Who Claimed to Be Native American Resigns

A prominent scholar and University of California, Riverside professor, who claimed to be Native American, has resigned after 13 faculty members accused her of false claims of Native identity that violated academic integrity. In an ironic twist, professor Andrea Smith once criticized white feminists for pretending to be Native Americans. She wrote, “They do this by opting to ‘become Indian.’ In this way, they can escape responsibility and accountability for white racism.”

Professor Andrea Smith

UC Law Dean: Roe v. Wade Reversal ‘Turns Back the Clock’ to When Women Were ‘Treated as Property’

The chancellor and dean of the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, California, reacted to the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday by claiming that the ruling effectively “turns back the clock” to “when women did not have the right to vote” and were “treated as property,” adding, “I tremble for my granddaughters.”

David Faigman, Hastings College of the Law

U. of California Spent $800K+ in Legal Battle with Satirical Student Newspaper

The University of California system spent over $800,000 on legal fees during a court battle with a student-led satirical newspaper that came under fire in 2016 when it mocked “safe spaces.” The ACLU filed a lawsuit in 2016 against the University of California over its decision to strip the student newspaper of its university funding. This week, public records revealed that the university spent far more on fighting its students in court than it would have spent if it had simply funded the paper.

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California Auditors: UC Berkeley ‘Failed to Establish’ Culture Based on Merit

A recent audit conducted by the state of California revealed that the University of California accepted at least 64 students due to their connections to university staff or donors over more qualified applicants. The majority of the applicants chosen for their connections were found at UC Berkeley, which the state auditors accused of failing to “establish a campus culture that values commitment to an admissions process based on fairness and applicants’ merits and achievements.” 

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Judge Bans Use of SAT, ACT for University of California Admission

A California judge ruled this week that the University of California will no longer be permitted to consider SAT or ACT scores as part of their admissions process. The University of California system had already decided in May that it would make the submission of SAT and ACT scores optional for all applicants.

The Associated Press

U. of California System Will Suspend SAT Requirement Due to Student Stress

The University of California system announced recently that it will suspend its standardized test requirement for incoming freshman to alleviate stress caused by the Chinese virus pandemic. Now, the system may abandon its standardized testing requirement indefinitely in order to achieve “equitable treatment” of applicants.

The Associated Press

UC Santa Cruz Prioritizes Diversity in Faculty Hiring

A new program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, may be rejecting qualified white and male candidates because they are not “diverse” enough. All candidates are also required to sign a “diversity pledge” as a commitment to advancing progressive diversity politics.