Georgia Tech, Boston U. Investigate Cheating During Online Exams

Georgia Tech campus
Hector Alejandro/Flickr

Boston University and Georgia Tech are currently investigating suspected cheating by students in online final exams. The exams, which were recently administrated online, have sparked a conversation in academic about cheating on online exams.

According to a report by the New York Post, administrators at Boston University and Georgia Tech are currently conducting investigations into suspected cheating on recent final exams. As a result of the ongoing Chinese virus pandemic, most final exams are being administered online.

Students in physics and chemistry courses at Boston University may have used an online service called Chegg to look up answers during their final exam. Boston University spokesman Colin Riley said that offending students should have been familiar with how university policies would apply to online examinations.

“The conduct code clearly spells out the university’s expectations and policies, and all aspects of it remain in effect with the shift to remote learning,” Riley said. “The investigation into this particular issue is active and underway.”

Boston University said it is currently conducting an investigation with Chegg to see which students accessed the service during their exam administration. Chegg is an online service where students post answers to various questions that are found in textbooks and test banks. Students typically use the service to aid in their understanding of homework assignments.

A Georgia Tech spokesperson said that they are encouraging students to come forward if they cheated during a recent exam.

“We are aware of the situation and are, of course, disappointed that students were involved with cheating through a digital homework site. At this point, we have offered students a chance to come forward admitting their misconduct on this exam, and we are working to determine if others are involved,” a Georgia Tech spokeswoman said in a comment.

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