Study: Online College Classes Enable Rampant Cheating

A recent study revealed that 62 percent of college students acknowledge that they have cheated on tests and coursework, and that online courses have facilitated more opportunities for students to engage in academic dishonesty. According to the National College Testing Association, online classes leave universities “more vulnerable to scandal and controversy related to academic dishonesty.”

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Harvard ‘Regret Clause’ Makes It Easier to Get Away with Cheating

One computer science professor at Harvard University is making it easier for his students to cheat. In his undergraduate courses, Professor David J. Malan employs a “regret clause” that says that he will not report cheating violations to the Harvard administration as long as the culprits admit to it.

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Tyson Fury Accuses Wladimir Klitschko of Cheating

On Monday in Britain, after his shocking victory over Wladimir Klitschko in Duesseldorf on Saturday, Tyson Fury accused the Ukranian’s camp of cheating, adding that he didn’t even drink the water after their bout because he feared it might be drugged.

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Two U.S. Labs Must Cough Up $48 Million for Bilking Medicare

After the Justice Department filed civil allegations against them, two cardiac biomarker laboratories will need to cough up a total of almost $49 million because they paid doctors for patient blood and bilked Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars for unnecessary testing, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Chicago Little League Team Stripped of U.S. Title

On Wednesday, the Jackie Robinson West Little League team from Chicago, the first all-black team to win the U.S. Championship, was stripped of its title after Little League Baseball determined that the team had used players from outside its geographic area.

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