Watch: Students Say Mascots Should Be Removed if Even One Student Is Offended

George Washington University Colonials Mascot
Mike Lawrie/Getty

Students interviewed this week argued that college mascots should be replaced if students find them to be offensive. A few students even argued that mascots should be replaced if they offend even just one student.

Campus Reform interviewed students this week about “offensive” mascots at universities and colleges around the nation. Many students argued that their universities and colleges should replace their mascots if students find them to be offensive.

Breitbart News has reported extensively on the replacement of mascots at various institutions. In August 2019, George Washington University announced that it will replace their “Colonials” mascot after students argued that it represented “oppression.”  In March of this year, the University of Illinois offered to buy back merchandise owned by students if it featured the institution’s former mascot, “Chief Illiniwek,” which had been deemed offensive by students.

“I’d say [San Diego State’s Aztec mascot is] offensive because Indians and Native Americans are still prevalent throughout the U.S.,” one student said.

“Why would you have a mascot of someone who basically stole land,” one student said when prompted with a picture of George Washington University’s Colonials mascot.

One student argued that a weather vane at Dartmouth College should be removed because it included a depiction of a Native American.

Two students even argued that mascots should change even if only one student if offended. “If one person has offended me, as president of the school, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that one person feels comfortable,” one student argued.

“I don’t think numbers matter. I think action does,” another student chimed in.

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