Boston College Rejects Establishment of Conservative Student Newspaper – Again

Boston College

Conservative students at Boston College were rejected this week in their effort to establish a conservative student newspaper. The students behind the proposal were previously told by the Board of Student Organizations in 2017 that their conservative newspaper project was “unnecessary.”

According to a report by the College Fix, a proposal from a group of conservative students at Boston College was rejected by the university administrative body.

This is not the first time that the students were told that their newspaper project was “unnecessary.” The Board of Student Organizations had previously ruled in 2017 that the students failed to convince the board of the proposal’s “feasibility and necessity.”

This time, the Board of Student Organizations claimed that their rejection was based on policies that would require the student newspaper to be a subsidiary of the existing Boston College Republicans group.

“The students on the board denied the application because the proposal failed to meet two of the 11 required criteria listed on the application itself,” the board wrote. The newspaper would effectively “duplicate an existing organization, the College Republicans.”

The Boston College website claims that student organizations are created to allow students with shared interests to work together to make an impact on the campus community.

“A Student Organization is a group of undergraduate students that are committed to enriching the learning environment through extracurricular programs and activities. By participating in a student organization you will meet students with similar interests, be exposed to an array of opportunities at Boston College, develop your leadership potential, and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community,” the website reads.

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