Texas A & M Prof. Filipe Castro Calls Trump ‘Fat Klansman,’ Hopes He Gets Coronavirus

Texas A&M Prof Filipe Castro
Texas A&M

Professor Filipe Castro of Texas A&M University has come under fire this week for a series of Facebook posts in which he denigrates President Trump and other Republican leaders. In one post, Castro said that he hopes President Trump contracts the Chinese virus. In another, he labels Trump as a “fat klansman with a wife bought from a catalog.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, Texas A&M Professor Filipe Castro sparked criticism this week over a series of social media posts in which he denigrated Republican officials. Castro called President Trump a “fat klansmen” and suggested that senior Trump advisors should be locked away “in some institution.”

In one post, Castro described a bizarre personal fantasy in which President Trump dies of a heart attack and crushes Ivanka Trump under his weight.

“I always though [sic] that this was going to have a normal end, with Trump having a heart attack on top of his daughter and crushing her with his fat, and Kushner having to try to resuscitate her (for the money) from drawing in trump’s vomit of Pepsi and half-chewed chicken nuggets, swallowed in big chucks…,” Castro wrote on Facebook.

In another post, Castro said that he hopes President Trump and Vice President Pence contract the Chinese virus. Castro also said that it was “good news” that Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) had tested positive for the virus.

“In the last 59 years I thought that desiring other people’s death was a horrible thing, but president trump showed me how wrong I was. :) Now I am like: I hope this is true, and that [Brazilian President Jair] Bolsonaro dies, but that its [sic] takes a month, and that Trump and Pence get it too,” Castro added.

Former students claim that Castro uses his classroom to promote his political views. On his RateMyProfessor profile, several students mention that Castro spends too much time sharing his political beliefs with students.

“Dr. Castro does not teach at all. He will only talk about politics and ramble through the entire class,” one student wrote.

Breitbart News reported in April that Rutgers Professor Britney Cooper had taken aim at President Trump’s supporters on social media. “Fuck each and every Trump supporter,” Cooper tweeted.

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