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Texas A&M Launches Investigation of Prof. that Called Trump ‘Fat Klansman’

Texas A&M University has launched an investigation into Professor Filipe Castro over comments that he made on Facebook about President Trump. Castro came under fire last week over posts in which he expressed hope that Trump would contract coronavirus. Castro also posted bizarre fantasies of Trump’s death and called him a “fat klansman with a wife bought from a catalog.”

Texas A&M Prof Filipe Castro

Texas Universities Say Anti-Gun Protests Won’t Hurt Students’ Admissions

A number of Texas universities have joined the chorus of colleges nationwide encouraging high school students to participate in anti-gun walkouts and protests. They say it will not hurt prospective students’ chances for admission. Several institutions of higher learning even took to social media to share their messages supporting “civic engagement.”

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - FEBRUARY 17: Mercedes Kent joins other people after a school shooting that killed 17 to protest against guns on the steps of the Broward County Federal courthouse on February 17, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Earlier this week former student Nikolas Cruz opened fire with a …

Texas: 25 Top Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16

In 2001, no one from the SEC or 5th ranked Texas worried about 6-6 TCU of Conference USA. On New Years’ Eve, an SEC defense that had beaten Alabama 23-17 keyed on the fastest player in the country, TCU’s Kolby Listenbee, only to have him throw a touchdown pass to begin a 42-3 route in the same place where the SEC plays its championship game.


Aggies Muster in Philippines and Around the World to Honor Corregidor Heroes

A Texas A&M Aggie Muster was held in Manila, Philippines, on Tuesday to honor the Aggies who some seventy plus years ago fought in the Corregidor battle. More than 300 Aggie Musters will be held worldwide where ever Texas A&M graduates reside. There are plans to dedicate a monument that has recently been erected on Corregidor to the all of these Texas Aggie servicemen that defended Bataan and Corregidor during the WWII era and those at the 1946 Manila Muster.

Aggie Muster - Photo by Aggie James T Danklefs 43

Texas Longhorns Biggest Cash Cow in College Football

The University of Texas Longhorns are once again the most valuable college football team in the nation. Valued with a net worth of $131 million, the team managed to hold onto the top position despite a six percent drop in net worth from 2013.

UT Longhorns