Brigham Young U. Students Withdraw over Coronavirus Rules

Brigham Young University
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Two students at Brigham Young University have withdrawn from the university this week after they refused to comply with guidelines adopted by the university to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Prior to their withdrawal, the students had been disciplined by the administrators for refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing on campus.

According to a report by the Salt Lake Tribune, two students at Brigham Young University have withdrawn from the university over their philosophical objections to coronavirus guidelines that were adopted by the university to limit the spread of the virus.

BYU, which has reported 911 positive coronavirus tests this semester, told the students that they could either comply with the disciplinary proceedings or withdraw from the university. Both students have opted to withdraw.

In a Twitter thread, the university announced that it will continue to discipline students that fail to comply with the guidelines. “We stand behind our warning that if someone chooses not to follow BYU’s COVID-19 safety requirements, on-campus privileges will be restricted,” the tweet reads. “To date BYU has imposed disciplinary measures for 15 students who refused to follow these requirements.”

The university claimed that students may be suspended from campus and in-person classes if they engage in repeated violations of the mitigation policies.

“These measures include suspension or restrictions from on-campus participation, such as classes, work or in-person campus services,” the Twitter thread continues. “BYU has repeatedly & urgently asked members of our campus community to please be intentional right now to keep themselves and our community safe.”

Although it boasts a sizably larger community than BYU, the University of Utah in Salt Lake City reported that a relatively small number of its students and staff members have tested positive for coronavirus since their arrival to campus for the fall semester. Of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City’s 62,000 students and staff, only 258 have tested positive for the virus. By contrast, 911 of the approximately 43,000 students and staff on campus this fall at Brigham Young University have tested positive this fall.

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