Northeastern U. Profs Will Be Required to Teach on Campus for Spring Semester

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The majority of professors at Northeastern University in Boston will be required to teach on campus for the spring semester. However, the university has yet to announce whether or not students will be asked to return to campus in the spring. For the fall semester, the majority of Northeastern courses are taking place online.

According to a student newspaper report, faculty at Northeastern University will be required to teach on campus this spring. Northeastern Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs David Madigan recently informed faculty members that the majority of professors will be expected to return to campus in the spring.

“We now have a new normal at Northeastern,” Madigan wrote in an email to the faculty. “In light of this, we are changing the policy for remote work requests for the spring 2021 term. For the spring 2021 term, except as outlined below, we expect faculty to return to campus to teach their courses and conduct their research and service.”

The university will continue to permit some faculty members to teach remotely. Although the university had previously permitted older faculty members to teach from home, the university will only allow faculty to continue teaching remotely if they meet certain medical requirements.

“The university will no longer consider a person’s age alone as the sole factor for approving a work accommodation,” Madigan wrote in the email. “However, individuals who believe they are at higher risk or vulnerability due to their age may raise their concerns with [Human Resources Management] by completing that section of the form in the link above.”

Although some universities and colleges have started to readopt their standard operating procedures, others will continue to operate remotely in the spring. Breitbart News reported in September that California State University had announced that they will keep all 23 of their campuses closed for the spring semester. That decision will impact the nearly 500,000 students that are currently enrolled in the university system.

Breitbart News reported in September that Northeastern suspended 11 students from campus over their decision to attend an off-campus party. Although the students will be permitted to attend their classes remotely, the university refused to refund any portion of their tuition costs.

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