Stanford Appoints ‘Antifascist’ Organizer to Lead Free Speech Council

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Stanford Professor David Palumbo-Liu has been named the head of the “Committee on Campus Climate, Community, and Speech.” In 2017, Palumbo-Lui co-founded the “Campus Antifascist Network,” an organization that has referred to by Stanford conservatives as a “bona fide Antifa group.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, Stanford has appointed Professor David Palumbo-Liu to the head of the university’s “Committee on Campus Climate, Community and Speech.” Now, conservatives at Stanford are expressing their concerns about Palumbo-Liu’s ability to uphold speech rights on campus.

In a blog post on the Campus Antifascist Network website, Palumbo-Liu argued that “fascists” have exploited free speech protections to promote dangerous agendas.

“Fascists have used ‘free speech’ as a façade for attacking faculty who have stood in solidarity with students against the threat that these organizations and individuals pose, and as an excuse to march and organize around slogans drawn directly from ‘blood and soil’ rhetoric of Nazi Germany,” Palumbo-Lui wrote.

In a tweet published in November, the Stanford College Republicans argued that Palumbo-Liu’s “Campus Antifascist Network” is a “bona fide Antifa group.”

Stanford College Republicans President Stephen Stills argued this will that Palumbo-Liu will not address the ongoing attempts to censor conservative students on campus.

The university has “sought to undermine every effort by our group to host conservative speakers so far.” Stills said that he doubts “that Palumbo-Liu will do everything in his power to ensure that conservatives on campus are silenced forever, either through school policy or brute force.”

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