J.D. Vance Praises Trump’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech: Conservatives Will Lose Without Access to the ‘Digital Public Square’

JD Vance, the venture capitalist and author of "Hillbilly Elegy", addresses a rally Thursday, July 1, 2021, in Middletown, Ohio, where he announced he is joining the crowded Republican race for the Ohio U.S. Senate seat being left by Rob Portman. (AP Photo/Jeff Dean)
AP Photo/Jeff Dean

Appearing Thursday on Newsmax’s Wake up America, Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance expressed support for former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech giants, stating the time has come for conservatives to “push back against the censorship regime.”

A transcript is as follows:

ROB FINNERTY: What did you think of the president’s lawsuit yesterday? You’ve been vocal about going after Big Tech and the fact that Big Tech needs to be broken up. The president is going to be suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google. What do you think about that lawsuit?

J.D. VANCE: I think it’s incredibly important and I’m glad the president and his team are doing it. In my life as a business guy, I’ve actually tried to invest in some of these companies that are replatforming conservatives, giving not just the president, but also other conservatives a voice on on social media. If we don’t have access as conservatives to the modern digital public square, we’re going to lose the debate. They’re trying to shut us up. They’re trying to silence us, because I think they know if we have a fair shot in this debate, we’re going to win the votes and the confidence of the American people. So it’s important for the president and, frankly, for all of us to push back against the censorship regime that’s out there.


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