Iranian Christian Immigrant Slams Loudoun County School Board: ‘These Are Our Children, Not Yours’

LCPS Board meeting 8/10/21, Iranian Christian immigrant tells board in response to the pronoun push to call his kids "King and Queen" and address him as "Master". This is classic! Screenshot via Twitter.
Screenshot via Twitter

An Iranian Christian immigrant slammed the embattled Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) in Virginia during a Tuesday school board meeting, telling the “disgraced” and “woke” school board members, “these are our children, not yours.”

“Dear disgraced board members, you think you’re woke, but let me awaken you a little bit more,” the parent began. “I’m a Chaldean married to an Armenian. We are minorities of the minorities in this country. Our ancestors and people survived massacres and ISIS.”

“I grew up in Iran as a Christian, and when we went to school — as much as the government wanted to indoctrinate us — the teachers didn’t allow it,” he added. “The teachers did their job, teaching us the curriculum — they didn’t try to shove propaganda down our throats like the Ayatollahs did.”

A video of the parent’s remarks was posted to Twitter by Parents Against Critical Theory.

Watch Below:

“Now in the 21st century, we have social justice warrior so-called teachers who are trying to shove their garbage ideology down our kids’ throats,” the parent continued.

“These are our children, not yours,” the father affirmed. “Their job is not to raise my child or my neighbor’s child. Their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, literature — and that’s it. Not ideology.”

The Christian Iranian immigrant went on to call out the school board’s pronoun policy, asking, “How does that help them? Does that teach them how to add?”

“You want to push that garbage down my kids’ throat? I will make you call my kids ‘king’ and ‘queen.’ That’s how you will address my sons and my daughter,” he added, pointing out the ridiculous nature of forcing people to address others by their preferred pronouns, adding that his preferred pronoun is “master.”

On Wednesday, the Loudoun County School Board voted 7-2 to approve transgender guidelines that will give students who believe they are the opposite sex access to school facilities, groups, and sports teams of their biological counterparts, as well as mandate that teachers address their transgender students by their preferred names and pronouns.

In May, LCPS suspended gym teacher Bryon “Tanner” Cross after he cited science and Christianity at a school board meeting when opposing the policy that requires teachers agree with children’s claims that they are members of the opposite sex.

In June, the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Virginia ordered the school board to immediately reinstate Cross — but his suspension nonetheless serves as an eerie foreshadowing of what is likely to come for teachers who dare dissent following the implementation of the transgender guidelines.

During Tuesday’s school board meeting, LCPS teacher Laura Morris publicly resigned over the district pushing Critical Race Theory, an academic movement teaching children that the U.S. is fundamentally racist, and they must view every social interaction and person in terms of race in order to be “antiracist.”

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