Twitter Locks Down Changes to Platform to Prevent Employee Sabotage After Musk Buyout

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Twitter has reportedly locked down changes to its platform through Friday following the acceptance of a $44 billion bid from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, preventing employees from easily making unauthorized changes or otherwise sabotaging the platform.

Bloomberg reports that Twitter has locked down its platform through Friday after accepting a bid of $44 billion by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to purchase the platform. The change will make it significantly harder for employees to make unauthorized changes, according to sources. This was likely done in an effort to prevent employees angered by Musk’s purchase from sabotaging the platform.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees (@Jack/Twitter)

Sources say that Twitter will not allow product updates unless they’re absolutely business-critical. Product changes will also now require approval from a vice president. One source noted that the temporary ban was enacted in an effort to keep employees angered by the deal with Musk from “going rogue.”

Twitter has previously instituted code freezes ahead of key events such as the Super Bowl in an effort to ensure continuity across the platform and prevent unexpected bugs and mistakes.

Following Musk’s purchase of Twitter, several key conservatives have returned to the platform.

As Breitbart News reported today:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was also suspended from the platform for endorsing the Babylon Bee’s tweet and another from Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kik in which he stated that Levine had lived “54 years of his life as a man.”

Carlson posted screenshots of both tweets, stating: “But wait. Both these tweets are true,” and appeared to be suspended as a result. Carlson has since returned to the platform, simply stating: “We’re back.”

Fox News host Mark Levin who voluntarily left Twitter also announced his return to the platform:

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