Six Cartel Hitmen Dead Following Shootout Near Texas Border

Six Cartel Hitmen Dead Following Shootout Near Texas Border

MCALLEN, Texas–The ongoing dispute between factions of the Gulf Cartel over control of the area just south of the Texas Border resulted in the death of six cartel hitmen in various firefights.

The first firefight began in the Mexican City of Nuevo Progreso which is just south of Progreso, Texas. Rival factions of the Gulf Cartel set off a series of blockades to keep authorities out while the rival hitmen clashed throughout the city, Tamaulipas authorities confirmed.

Shortly after 8 p.m. five gunmen were shot in the parking lot of a convenience store after they were brought down in three vehicles driven by rival hitmen, government officials confirmed through a news release Wednesday afternoon.

Mexican marines, army, and federal police responded to the scene of the shootouts and were able to seize the three vehicles that the gunmen had used.As authorities increased their patrol of the border cities on Tuesday night, in the rural city of Valle Hermoso, less than 30 miles southwest of the Texas border city of Brownsville, a convoy of Mexican marines came under fire by a group of gunmen. The marines fought off the attack killing one hit man who is described as being between 20-25 years old. The man had been wearing military style fatigues and carried an assault rifle, authorities confirmed. In that shootout authorities retrieved vehicles, firearms and ammunition from fleeing gunmen.

The shootouts appear to be related to an ongoing dispute for control of the criminal syndicate known as the Gulf Cartel which is responsible for most of the drugs moved through South Texas. The criminal organization also controls most of the human smuggling and is also involved in kidnappings, extortion, murder for hire and other activities.

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