Space X Officially Bringing Commercial Rocket Launch Facility to Texas

Space X Officially Bringing Commercial Rocket Launch Facility to Texas

HOUSTON, Texas–It’s official: Space X, a company that “designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft,” is coming to Texas. Space X will build a commercial launch pad control center near Boca Chica Beach, and is expected to create 300 new jobs in the Brownsville area. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced earlier this week that the State of Texas is offering $15 million in incentives to bring the company to Texas. 

Perry said in a statement, “Texas has been on the forefront of our nation’s space exploration efforts for decades, so it is fitting that SpaceX has chosen our state as they expand the frontiers of commercial space flight. In addition to growing the aerospace industry in Texas, SpaceX’s facility will provide myriad opportunities for STEM education in South Texas, and inspire a new generation of Texas engineers and innovators.”

In the same press release, Space X CEO Elon Musk announced, “SpaceX is excited to expand our work in Texas with the world’s first commercial launch complex designed specifically for orbital missions. We appreciate the support of Gov. Perry and numerous other federal, state and local officials who have partnered with us to make this vision a reality. In addition to creating hundreds of high tech jobs for the Texas workforce, this site will inspire students, expand the supplier base and attract tourists to the south Texas area.”

According to Perry’s office, Space X will inject $85 million into the local economy. Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez called the news a “historical moment” for the area. 

Space X will conduct 12 commercial launches per year, according to the Brownsville Herald

The land on which SpaceX plans to build is immense. The company currently owns 90 parcels in the area, covering 34 acres. The  Valley Morning Star reported that the area is a mere three miles north of Mexico. 

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