Female CNN Reporter Hit in Head by Rock While On-Air in Ferguson

Female CNN Reporter Hit in Head by Rock While On-Air in Ferguson

CNN reporter Sara Sidner was struck in the head by a rock thrown by one of the hooligans protesting the outcome of the Ferguson grand jury. Sidner appeared uninjured after being struck by the rock. Several rocks could be seen coming into view on the screen during her report on the looting and burning of commercial buildings.

Sidner was just talking about two of the local business that were being burned when a rock could be seen coming in and striking her in the top of her head. She bent over in pain holding the top of her head. She quickly recovered and went on with her news report.

More rocks were seen being thrown at her during her report. CNN then ordered her to move to safety until the rock thrower either moved on or stopped.

A few minutes later, CNN came back to Sidner and she said she “had a small bump on her head” from being hit by the rock. “What’s happening here is much worse than what happened here,” Sidner said.

Other CNN reporters have reported having to take cover after hearing gunfire within 100 yards of their location.

When she came back on screen later she reported the burning of Red’s Bar-b-Que, a local favorite mom-and-pop shop that was destroyed by vandals who set it on fire. The fire department was unable to respond to the fire due to gunfire in the area.

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