Jailed Gulf Cartel Commander Earned Less Than $1,600 a Month, Court Records Show

Jailed Gulf Cartel Commander Earned Less Than $1,600 a Month, Court Records Show

A Gulf Cartel commander who had been arrested near the Texas Border, bonded out, and then turned himself in to U.S. authorities had been earning less than $1,600 a month.

A series of court records obtained by Breitbart Texas give additional insight into the life of a hitman for the Gulf Cartel who is known as Comandante Boris.

The case against Orlando Roberto Rodriguez Reyes began on November 26, when U.S Border Patrol agents caught him and another man carrying backpacks into a property near the Texas border city of Rio Grande.

The following day, Rodriguez spoke with investigators from the Starr County District’s Attorney Office where he spoke to them about his life as a “Comandante” for the Gulf Cartel. During the interview he told them about more than $120,000 that he had stashed in his house inside a hidden compartment, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show.  The investigators went to the house and after accessing the hidden compartment found more than $187,000.

Rodriguez told authorities that the money was his earnings from commanding a team of hitmen for the Gulf Cartel. Initially Rodriguez had been charged in state court with money laundering charges and his bond had been set at $1 million, however for unknown reasons the bond was then reduced to $40,000 allowing him to bond out.   

Law enforcement officials who spoke with Breitbart Texas said that Rodriguez turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday afternoon as part of a deal. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, however Rodriguez will likely received a lower sentence in exchange for cooperation. 

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