Mexican Reporters Claim That Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Took Bribes from Contractors

Mexican Secretary of the Interior Osorio speaks during the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism in Washington

Two reporters in Mexico have exposed the second most powerful man in that country’s government for living in lavish mansions at the dime of contractors. He denied the accusations and they slammed him with even more proof.

In the “The Pleasure of Living In Las Lomas” published by Proceso magazine, reporters Jesusa Cervantes and Santiago Igartua claim that Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Miguel Osorio Chong lived in a home worth at least $3.5 million which was paid for by individuals who had contracts with the government.

Osorio Chong is the right hand man of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and as previously reported by Breitbart Texas has spearheaded the failed security strategy where he claimed that Mexico is the safest it has been in the last decade.

The house was allegedly paid for by Carlos Aniano Sosa, a government contractor who has won multiple multi-million dollar bids while Osorio held the highest office in the state of Hidalgo, the reporters claimed. The reporters also list a second mansion in one of the ritziest neighborhoods near Mexico City — both homes under the name of Osorio Chong’s wife.

Soon after the article was published, Osorio Chong wrote a letter to Proceso’s Director asking for a correction and published it on Twitter, stating that in the past the magazine had accused him of being tied to Los Zetas and of taking part in financial fraud tied to campaign moneys both of which he claimed he claims he is innocent.

In regards to the houses, Osorio Chong claimed to not own any property in Mexico City and that the houses listed in the article had been leased. Proceso published the letter in its entirety. Soon after, the two reporters that had written the initial investigation fired back with their own letter.

In their letter, the reporters stood by their article claiming that the contractor from the story had been awarded multi-million dollar contracts and they published a series of legal documents that show that Osorio Chong’s wife had in fact filed the paperwork to purchase one of the mansions in 2011.

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