GUILTY: Texas Border Cop Admits to Human Smuggling

CC constable
Cameron County

A former Texas border cop with a gambling problem plead guilty to federal human smuggling charges and claimed to have done it several times before.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas , Luis Enrique Guevara, a reserve Cameron County Deputy Constable had been driving Nissan Pathfinder near Robstown, Texas when a police officer pulled him over for speeding and caught him with human cargo. Since his arrest Guevara is no longer a law enforcement officer.

Earlier this week Guevara went before U.S. District Judge Jason Libby where he plead guilty to the human smuggling charge and is expected to be sentenced later this year where he faces a possible five year sentence in prison.

During the traffic stop Guevara initially flashed his badge, however the Robstown cop asked a few more questions after noticing that the passengers appeared to be very nervous and he noted that Guevara’s story was not making sense. The police officer called U.S. Border Patrol agents who verified that the three passengers in Guevara’s car were in fact illegal immigrants from Mexico.

When investigators with U.S. Homeland Security Investigations interviewed Guevara he told them about his history of playing high stakes poker games in Houston and being $25,000 in debt with human smuggling being a quick way to pay off his gambling debts.

Guevara said that he had been a Los Fresnos Police narcotics investigator in the past but lost his job following an investigation into the city mayor and other corrupt officials had not been able to get a job since. Guevara’s brother had successfully been involved in human smuggling in the past and he was his initial contact that helped get him started.

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