Positive Buzz Follows Perry’s Campaign Relaunch

Rick Perry
AP Photo/Tim Sharp

Former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is winning accolades for the strong launch of his second presidential campaign.

Having already received positive feedback for the more serious and humble approach Perry has taken to preparing for this campaign, his presidential announcement has been viewed in much the same manner, gathering praise and compliments from all over the media.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson took to Twitter immediately after Perry’s speech:

Fox News analyst Monica Crowley was also impressed with Perry’s announcement:

Eli Stokols of Politico took note of the sweaty condition Perry was in, but also gave credit where it was due:

The Weekly Standard said that Perry electrified the crowd (and those watching on TV), while The Washington Post called his announcement a “high-octane opening” and “quite strong.”

Daniel Doherty, a writer at Townhall, wrote:

It wasn’t just a speech that attacked the current occupant of the White House — although there was certainly a lot of that. Instead, it was a first step towards widening his appeal beyond traditional Republican constituencies.

Troy Senik at Ricochet described today as “perhaps the best announcement speech of any Republican candidate who’s jumped into the presidential field.” Commentary’s John Podhoretz tweeted, “This is a very, very good speech by Perry.”

Despite the many months to come and the long road up ahead, Rick Perry’s campaign seems off to a great start.

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