North Carolina ISIS Supporter Planned Shooting Spree: ‘The War Is Here’


A North Carolina teenager allegedly planned on using an AR-15 and a silencer to kill as many people as possible on behalf of ISIS. FBI agents, however, arrested him before he could carry out the plot. The teen also allegedly planned on having his parents murdered.

The criminal complaint filed by FBI agents against 19-year-old Justin Nojan Sullivan shows an extremist feared even by his own family. His behavior prompted his own father to call authorities. Breitbart Texas obtained a copy of the criminal complaint (click here to read it).

Federal authorities charged the teen with one count of supporting a terrorist organization, and two counts related to the possession of an unregistered weapons suppressor.

“I don’t know if it’s ISIS or what… but we are afraid to leave the house,” the FBI quotes Sullivan’s father in the criminal complaint obtained by Breitbart Texas regarding a domestic disturbance at his home in April.

In June, an FBI undercover source contacted Sullivan,  and over time Sullivan encouraged the source to prepare to carry out terrorist acts in America rather than travel to the Middle East, where he risked capture and death. “The war is here… you only need 600 dollars akhi [brother] for the gun and bullets.”

Sullivan tried to start the Islamic State of North America with the idea of using guerrilla warfare on the American people, the criminal complaint shows.

“Our attacks need to be as big as possible… we could do minor assassinations before the big attack for training,” the FBI quotes Sullivan in the complaint.

Over the course of the conversations, Sullivan asked the undercover source to build a silencer and mail it to him so the two could begin preparing for the attack. The FBI built a silencer for the undercover source, who then mailed it to Sullivan’s North Carolina home. Once the FBI arrested Sullivan, the teen said he did not intend to to carry out the attacks, even though authorities found evidence that he had begun selecting targets.

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