Texas Mom Shot Her Own Daughters To Make Husband ‘Suffer’

Christy Sheats with Daughter

The motive behind the Texas mom who shot her own daughters has been revealed by a family friend–the mother wanted to punish her husband, the father of the girls. The matter was covered by Breitbart Texas after the mother was killed by Fulshear, Texas, police as they confronted her. The mother, Christy Sheats, had killed one of her daughters and shot the other before police opened fire.

A family friend has emerged in local media and is describing the motive as revenge against the father of the girls. The friend, Madison Davey, was reported on by local KTRK:

Davey is a close family friend. She says Madison and Taylor got caught in the middle of their parents troubled marriage and it cost them their lives. She says the dad told her Christy said she shot her daughters because she wanted him to suffer.

“When I realized it was both of them, I just dropped and started screaming.”

Davey spoke to the dad about how it all went down on his birthday. The couple was arguing, as they often did.

Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price reported on the matter previously and wrote:

Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls told reporters one of the daughters died at the scene of the shooting. The second daughter was taken by a Life Flight air ambulance to a trauma center where she was initially listed in critical condition. She later died from her gunshot wound. The father of the young women, who is also the husband to the shooter, was taken by ambulance to a hospital. He had not been injured in the shooting.

The daughters were identified by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office as Taylor Sheats, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17.

The Fulshear police officer reportedly fired one shot at Christy Sheats. That shot proved to be fatal.


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