Video Shows Texas Man Stabbing Dog’s Face Through Fence

Castro's dogs attacked
Video Screenshot/Veronica Castro

HOUSTON, Texas – Houston police officers are searching for a man seen in a security video stabbing a family’s dog with a knife through their fence. The dog survived the attack but required medical attention.

The surveillance video shows an as yet unidentified male attacking her Rottweiler named “Chaz” through the fence in the front yard of a family home. The dog was behind a seven-foot-tall wrought iron fence and did not appear to be a threat to the man on the sidewalk, Fox 26’s Demali Keith reported on Monday.

“It’s completely terrifying — if he does this to an animal who’s only trying to protect his home, what can he do to someone else?,” the dog’s owner Veronica Castro told Keith. ”He cut his lip completely open at one part and he cut him in the bottom of the neck. Just walking the streets with a knife like that at 1:30 in the morning, only God knows what he could be capable of doing.”

The family rescued the pet from an animal rescue shelter about three years ago, Keith reported.

Chaz was taken to a veterinarian after Castro discovered the dog coughing and bleeding in the front yard. She said he was cut at least four times on his lips and chin. She is concerned there may be damage to his trachea as well because the dog now has a chronic cough. She said Chaz is very afraid now and does not want any near him.

A police report has been filed with the Houston Police Department. The family is releasing the video showing the attack in hopes that someone will recognize the man and come forward. She described the man as an Hispanic male who appears to be between 5’ 9” to 6’ 2” in height. On her Facebook page, Castro said the man was wearing a shirt with the word “Hardy” and bearing a Mexican flag.

A second video shown by Fox 26 revealed the man returned to the scene later in the night and stabbed the dog again.

“This is cruelty, my dogs were in their own property and this waste of space hurt one of them,” Castro wrote referring to the dog’s attacker.  “My dog thankfully is alive but cut up, and I hope he will heal soon.”

The attack occurred sometime last week on Houston’s near north side in a neighborhood located on Hardy Street between the I-610 North Loop and Cavalcade Drive. Anyone with information about the attacker should contact the Houston Police Department.

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