Nebraska Vigil Demands Refugee Influx Continue

Lincoln, NE

About 150 residents of Nebraska gathered near the state’s capitol to demand the influx in refugees and migrants during the Obama administration’s years continue during President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

Refugees, along with illegal immigrants, rallied together to hold a vigil in Lincoln’s downtown area to “embrace the state’s newcomers” and ask that increased refugee resettlement in the state continue, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

One refugee, Seth Mock, from Sudan, told the Journal Star the state should continue to add more and more refugees through the coming years.

“With that, we add so much vibrancy to our community, especially in the years that are ahead of us,” Mock said.

Illegal immigrants at the vigil also demanded that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) continue. President-elect Trump has vowed to tighten immigration laws in the country, with retired Marine Corps General John Kelly at the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

DACA allows illegal immigrant children, who came with their parents illegally into the country, to evade deportation — a policy created by the Obama administration.

Nebraska has accepted more refugees per capita than any other state in the country, with 76 refugees resettled per 100,000 residents in 2016 alone.

The state’s acceptance of refugees is almost three times the rate of the national average which currently stands at about 26 refugees per 100,000 residents.

The incoming President has vowed to halt all immigration from countries that have been compromised by Islamic terrorism. He also called for an end to accepting Syrian refugees following attacks in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany, both of which involved terrorists who came through the refugee program.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.