On a Day That Will Live in Infamy, Rep. Stupak Makes History

When Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) rode in on the proverbial “white horse,” conservatives across the country rose to attention and applauded his authenticity. Americans were astounded by this Democrat who had courage to stand against his own Party. It was truly fascinating. At first there was hope that despite being a Democrat — he would make the right decision, and vote “nay” on Obamacare. In the end — 34 Democrats made that decision, but Rep. Stupak thought he could fix it. He made a deal with President Barack Hussein Obama, the most pro-choice President in American history.

As the predictions said, Obamacare passed, and was signed by the President yesterday. Not only is this an epic, epic failure – this is a history-making failure.


First of all, let’s look at exactly what this deal was: Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B Anthony List explained it in her appearance on America Live with Megan Kelly:

It gave me deep sorrow to watch. Congressman Stupak had all the legislative power in his hands to do exactly what he said he wanted to do, which is to undermine, frankly, the Senate position and the President’s position, and put his in legislative language. He had all the power. He gave it away, for a piece of paper that cannot stand legislative, nor judicial muster. And then went on to vote against his own language…

Why would he do this? Is it possible that there may be some *gasp* backroom deal? Oh, of course not. Politicians never do that. Let’s take a look at the man behind the legislator:

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bartholomew Thomas Stupak, an Eagle Scout, went on to get his law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 1981. He was later elected in 1992 to serve in the First Congressional District of Michigan. He has won re-election eight times.

His constituents put their trust in him — eight times. He let them down, and made a deal with President Obama. Who, I’m sure, had Stupak’s best pro-life interests in mind, right?

The good thing is that America has now seen this bad, bad move on Stupak’s part. Are we going to sit back and let him get away with this? It is my prediction that the Tea Party will fight, in full-force, Rep. Stupak and the other Democrats who voted for Obamacare. They won’t stand for this. We won’t stand for this.


Will the passing of Obamacare be looked upon as a political accomplishment for the Democratic congressmen who voted for it? Not likely. Already two opponents for Representative Stupak have stepped up to the plate, Dan Benishek and a primary challenger, Democrat Connie Saltonstall. And America, we have a lot more where that came from. Patriots ready to stand up and fight when they see politicians who lack integrity running our country .

Patriots, I urge you to stand on alert, get your bullhorns and hand cams ready. This is our fight! Let’s take America back. Congress, we will rock your world.


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