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Today's Weinergate Talking Point: It's All About the Sex!


Jerry Springer on “Piers Morgan” last night and Lawrence O’Donnell on his own show offer up what may well be the next Weinergate talking point: It’s all about the sex! These gentlemen both raise the question: what if he is guilty? And then they offer the same answer: who cares?

First O’Donnell:

We can only hope that the majority of American voters are not far from understanding that human sexually is just that – human… Voters need to realize that sex doesn’t matter when it comes to casting their votes.

And Springer:

Given the fact that details surrounding the initial tweet are still murky and given all that has transpired since, this talking point is going to be a very hard sell to the American people, but Springer and O’Donnell are still giving it a try. We will continue to refrain from speculating what the final outcome of the Weinergate scandal will be, but it’s worth noting that traditionally liberal media figures are already test-driving a talking point that’s much more serviceable when used to temper fallout than it is to prove innocence.


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