MSM's Latest Anti-Palin Narrative: 'Politico' Blames Palin for Reporters' Traffic Violations


We really must stop being surprised and disappointed by the MSM. After all, this is the same MSM that all but blamed Governor Sarah Palin for that horrible shooting in Tucson, Arizona. So if you think about it, blaming her for the traffic violations of a bunch of pathetic, uninvited reporters chasing her around the country is something of an improvement.

No, this is not parody. It just reads like one:

Sarah Palin’s Tour a Rolling Menace

SEABROOK, N.H. — Sarah Palin’s bus is plastered with a mock-up of the U.S. Constitution. But her entourage — both the three-vehicle motorcade that includes the bus and the smaller, two-SUV version she uses for smaller events — hasn’t been very respectful of traffic laws.

They speed. They run red lights and stop signs. They make last-second lane changes to get off the highway, sometimes without signaling.

So do the reporters following them. ….

The reporters who are speeding, tailgating, cutting off other cars, blasting through roundabouts and passing on the right in an effort to keep up, say they have no other choice since they never know what Palin’s up to or where she’s headed — and aides typically won’t tell them anything. Once they’re on the road, they’re filing urgent updates by phone and figuring out unorthodox bathroom breaks, like the reporter who pulled over to relieve himself on the side of the highway going from Gettysburg, Pa., to Philadelphia — drawing notice from both Palin aides and the rest of the trailing press.

I wonder how many of these so-called journalists who are now making complete fools of themselves choking on bus fumes left unfinished “Palin is irrelevant” pieces on their desk to dash off and make fools of themselves.

Governor Palin’s bus tour has been a rousing success and so what we have here is a fairly lame and transparent attempt to spin out a negative narrative with another heaping-helping of what I call The Palin-Fury. The MSM whips up nonsense-narratives like this in order to drown out Palin’s message and to forever ensure she’s never taken seriously.

Will it work?

Not so sure this time.

For starters, no one likes a crybaby who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions. Palin didn’t ask the corrupt MSM to chase after her. They chose to suck her exhaust. And if their feelings are all bruised because she’s not feeding their pathetic sense of entitlement with her itinerary — that’s something they should’ve thought of before they spent three years trying to destroy her.

The second reason this absurd narrative is likely to backfire is because no one likes a rat.

Going over the speed limit? *gasp*

Not using a turn signal? *egads*

The subtext in this astonishingly childish article is the pathetic sound of someone pouting.

Sorry MSM, but it’s a whole new world, and the people you choose to destroy with lies, nonsense, and even their own children no longer need you to get their message out.

Exit question: Always remember that the main reason the MSM creates these false narratives is in the hopes that their target will step into them. With that in mind, let me throw something out to the audience…

Do you think the MSM is above trying to create some kind of traffic incident in an attempt to embarrass Palin?

Just asking.

P.S. If you’re looking for honest coverage of the One Nation bus tour, I suggest you start here. We don’t need no steenkin’ MSM.


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