Weinergate Reality Check


So, it’s the Day After Weiner and giddiness still abounds in conservative new media circles, which is not a bad thing. However, I’ve seen this kind of thing before over here on the right side of the political aisle and something worries me a little. Call me a buzzkill but, what the hell, somebody has to do it.

Obviously, the greatest thing to come out of Weinergate was some measure of vindication for Andrew Breitbart, who is one of the most decent, hard working people I’ve ever met, and maybe the nicest. The amount of vitriolic insanity heaped on him every day by the Left would have probably turned me into a raging sociopath a long time ago.

When I wrote “some measure” in the above paragraph I meant “the bare minimum and an amount that none of us should begin to be happy with if we’re serious about overhauling the pathetically biased dinosaur media.”

We conservatives, bless our hearts, know how to celebrate a victory. Sometimes too well. Over the years I’ve seen an extended round of back-slapping over an electoral or public relations victory that sometimes ended in ceding back some of the hard fought ground just won. I hope that isn’t going to happen here.

The one very real victory yesterday was that Andrew Breitbart was given a public apology, one of the hundreds, if not thousands, he, John Nolte, Dana Loesch, Mike Flynn and many others associated with the Bigs deserve.

While we’re all still drunk with happiness, here is the reality today. Most of the people who slandered the above-mentioned group are still silent. And there’s a good chance they’ll get away with it. This time. Eric Boehlert, Joan Walsh, Jeffrey Toobin and their ilk are still operating on the side that ignores (and sometimes rewards) aberrant behavior. While we’re high-fiving, there is a well-oiled leftist CYA machine that got to work before Anthony Weiner’s press conference was over.

If you doubt the depth of CYA psychotic disconnect, check out this psychiatric dream patient.

And let us not forget that Weiner still has a job. As does Charles Rangle. Two liars, one in charge in creating the very laws he was breaking. Both are still able to draft legislation. The were both exposed, spent a few minutes hanging their heads in front of a camera and went right back to business-as-usual.

There has been some pressure on Twitter to get Boehlert, Walsh and Co. to respond but that’s easily dismissed. All they have to do is block us (which Walsh has been doing quite a bit of). The fight, obviously, needs to be taken to them on every front we can, especially with advertisers.

Yes, getting Anthony Weiner to stop lying to the American public for a brief period of time was a small victory for New Media in the battle against the MSM. What remains to be seen is whether those of us fighting the battle get so drunk at the victory party that we let the enemy escape, wounded but able to regroup, or if we will focus on the ultimate prize and press whatever advantage we may have just gained.


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