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Debunking Liberal Myths About Conservative Comedy

Debunking Liberal Myths About Conservative Comedy

Earlier this week, Huffington Post comedy writer Alf LaMont did a recap of a humor panel he moderated at SXSW titled: “Turn Left? The Lack Of Right-Wing Comedians.” While it’s true those of us on the conservative side aren’t well

The Tea Party Could Damage Its Brand by Endorsing Newt

The understandable rush to whip together an anti-Romney coalition in the GOP heated up with Rick Perry’s announcement that he’s leaving the race and endorsing Newt Gingrich. While an imperfect alliance, it is at least a bit more genuine than

OFA's Strange Definition Of 'Corporate Special Interests'

Another day, another desperate email from Team Lightbringer: Stephen — I’m the national finance director here at OFA. I know we’ve been sending you a lot of email lately. That’s because we’re staring down a critical fundraising deadline tomorrow at

Terrorizing The Progressive Narrative

There is no need whatsoever for conservatives to marginalize those we disagree with on the other side of the aisle by referring to them as stupid or ridiculous because they keep going out of their way to do it for

New OFA Video About Wall St. Reform-'YAY, Government!'

Organizing for America is back to being Obama for America now that the never ending campaign of President Obama is calling itself one again. Other than that, not much has changed with Team Lightbringer. The campaign has just released a

Weinergate Reality Check

So, it’s the Day After Weiner and giddiness still abounds in conservative new media circles, which is not a bad thing. However, I’ve seen this kind of thing before over here on the right side of the political aisle and

Praising Arizona

For the past nine months, the great state of Arizona has been the subject of withering media attacks by an insulated chattering class whose lack of perspective may one day be studied in graduate psychology programs (because journalism school will

New York Times On Election Day: Spinning Until It's Dizzy

Kool-Aid has no expiration date. In the longer term, though, the importance of any wave election isn’t only about the sheer number of seats gained and lost, but also about when the wave hits — or, more specifically, where it

California Can No Longer Afford to Dream About Green Jobs

Deck chairs on the Titanic. What state ranks third in unemployment, second in foreclosures, has the nation’s worst credit rating, is running a $19 billion deficit – yet insists on spending billions on a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan that

'Fire From the Heartland' Premieres Tonight in DC

Filmmaker Steve Bannon and Citizens United Productions are following up “Generation Zero,” their film about the financial meltdown, with a powerful movie about the ascendancy of women in the conservative movement. “Fire From The Heartland” features the distinct and diverse

Sleeping With The Colonel: Stand-Up Comedy In Iraq

OK, we were just bunking, actually. In a trailer surrounded by cement t-walls in Baghdad. As gigs went, this one was a little OUT there. I’ve recently returned from eight days entertaining the troops in Kuwait and Iraq with four