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Obama Campaign Sends Out "Misleading" Video


This headline should not be surprising, Obama’s first campaign used serious deception to get him elected President, why would the second campaign not do the same thing?

Basically, the Obama campaign sent out an e-mail with a video making it look like the Republicans spoke only of Palin, space missions, and anti-gay rhetoric at their CNN debate this week.

Kudos to Jake Tapper of ABC for pointing this out in his blog.

Tapper mentions that the bulk of the debate was on substantive issues and calls the Obama campaign video “misleading.”

For those of us who watched the debate we saw serious candidates talking about vital issues like, family values, the economy, creating jobs and building a stronger America (Okay, some of the CNN questions were silly, but overall John King did a good job.) I was rather impressed by the showing and have mentioned in the past that this is actually a great group of Republican candidates, counter to what the media has been telling us. We saw the strong field at the debate, and my guess is that more strong candidates are yet to enter this race.

Also, it should be pointed out that the Republican candidates were just answering the questions they were asked. Ask a question about gays in the military and the space program, and those are the answers you will get. Imagine that? The Obama campaign then produces a campaign video not based on the substance of the answers, but on the idea that those were the issues discussed.

For a fair 2012 election to happen, both sides need to be called on the carpet equally when they work to deceive.


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