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Anderson Cooper Amused By Bill Maher's Hunting Remarks


I thought this exchange was funny; Maher tries to compare #Weinergate to a pigeon shoot (doves in this case). Yes, sending photos of your Johnson to all sorts of women while your wife at work is just like hunting birds! (Which are usually not just for sport but are eaten. In fact, young pigeon is a French delicacy.)

By his own logic, Maher is guilty by association for going to the grocery store to purchase any animal products. He doesn’t get a pass just because he didn’t kill the animals himself.

My family hunts and I’ve yet to see a bird shoot where the birds were disabled from flying or shot while in cages; it sort of misses the entire point of the hunt, which is to land as many birds with as few shots as possible once they’re mechanically released from a cage. Perhaps Maher is thinking of a turkey shoot; I’ve known of some that tether the turkeys to hay bales for the archers.

But still — to compare hunting to the lewd acts of a married congressman? That’s a bit of a stretch, even comedically.


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