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MMfA Soros Bloggers Suddenly Interested in Intellectual Property Rights


George Soros would have to spend the equivalent of Obama’s stimulus to achieve this title and even then would likely get the same results.

Media Matters, the Soros outfit whose sole “irrelevant” purpose in life is to write dirty things about Fox News on the bathroom walls of the Internet demonstrates how easy it is to be deliberately obtuse with their latest piece wherein they criticize my remarks on Tom Petty vs. Michele Bachmann over “American Girl.”

Licensing fees notwithstanding, Petty appears to have made clear that he does not endorse Bachmann’s politics, or efforts to use his music to suggest that he does.

And licensing your music out for public use doesn’t imply endorsement.

I played Petty’s music under several Bachmann soundbites because it was amusing. Unfortunately, Jeremy Holden thinks so little of his fellow Americans to believe that they’re all stupid enough to assume that a song played anywhere near anything Bachmann-related implies endorsement. Vapors much?

Soros’s blogger could have saved himself a bout of the vapors had he actually put a bit of effort into his piece and introduced more complexity to his simple CONSERVATIVES BAD! narrative:

What?! Hold up — Holden couldn’t include this in his hit piece because then the commenters couldn’t make baseless accusations that I don’t support intellectual property rights! (Interestingly enough, I’ve only dealt with progressive bloggers taking my photos, videos, etc. for their own use and when concern was raised they attempted to hide behind fair use. Also, where was Media Matters when Lee Fang “borrowed” video footage that wasn’t his for a smear piece on the tea party? Or when “American Girl” was used by Hillary Clinton? Crickets.)

If Holden can prove that my listening audience deduced Tom Petty endorsing Michele Bachmann from my segment, then his piece is crafted better than that of an overpriced, hackneyed Myspace rant masquerading as political critique. If not, bummer. I suspect the latter.

The full podcast and audio of this show and segment is here, marked July 29.


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