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'NBC Nightly News' Uses 'N—erHead' as Excuse to Bury Herman Cain's Message



When first asked about the issue, there were no doubt 50 better ways Herman Cain could’ve responded when presented with the non-story of an offensive word on a rock Rick Perry’s family painted over decades ago. But to his credit, Cain quickly recovered by accepting Governor Perry at his word and urged the media to move on. But if you watch the clip above, what you’ll see is that Chuck Todd, “NBC Nightly News,” and the MSM as a whole aren’t anywhere near ready to move on. Cain obviously wants to talk about jobs and all Obama’s Media Palace Guards want to talk about is how racist Rick Perry is. Bottom line: they want to get as many days as they can out of this narrative for one reason and one reason only…

To protect Obama.

Whether the MSM is burying Perry in this nonsense or badgering Herman Cain about it, what’s not happening — what’s not being talked about on the news or by the GOP candidates — is the one thing Obama’s media pals don’t want talked about, Obama’s failure as a job creator and the brewing scandals surrounding Mexican gun-running and Solyndra. So…

Distract. Distract. Distract.

The MSM intends to keep these types of silly narratives coming for the next 15 months and they intend to keep them aimed at any potential threat to Obama’s re-election. And if you’ll notice, this distraction game-plan isn’t just trained on Perry but also Cain. As you’ll see in this news report, NBC “selectively edited” Cain’s comments to focus on the racial distraction. We have no idea what Cain might have said about unemployment or creating jobs or anything else. In other words, Cain isn’t able to get his message out.

See how this works? The corrupt MSM gins up a non-story and focuses on it to drown out our candidates’ message. Better still (for Obama), between Fast and Furious and Solyndra there are two Pulitzer-worthy stories just sitting out there — potential scandals that might reach all the way into the White House.

But that non-story about a 30 year-old rock is all the MSM is interested in, because they’re not reporters and they’re not interested in speaking truth to power and they’re not interested in holding the powerful accountable. All they’re interested in is carrying Obama to re-election.


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