Tuesday Crib Sheet: Media Coverage Of GOP Primary, AIM Deconstructs Pew

– Via NewsBusters, it’s come to this: Ed Schultz says he will be “cheer-leading” for the Occupy Wall Street movement every night on the air. I’m not sure even the Left can handle Ed Schultz in a cheer-leading uniform every night. Come on, Ed, we could understand every once in a while on a weekend, maybe, especially if you’ve had a few too many, but every night?

Uh, is this intended to help or hurt?

Lucas Jackson photo

Such “patriots.”

Washington Times:

Media provocateur and investigator Andrew Breitbart reveals that high-profile journalists such as MSNBC‘s Dylan Ratiganand Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi are helping the organization craft its public image.Mr. Breitbart has published a confidential email list of these generous journalists at BigJournalism.com; the list itself was provided by a private researcher. In a rebuttal, the aforementioned Mr. Taibbi called Mr. Breitbart a “notorious right wing cybergoon” but dismissed the relevance or importance of the leaked material.

“How long are we going to pretend that this is a ‘grassroots’ uprising?” counters Dana Loesch, editor of the BigJournalism site.

The answer? For a while.

The Media Primary: How news and blogs view the GOP primary candidates. Ron Paul, does in fact, get the short end of the coverage stick. Mitt Romney’s negatives trump all.

– CNN uses PolitiFact to hit GOP candidates. But who hits PolitiFact? We do, that’s who!

What good is a self-appointed truth squad that appears in a national news segment like this merely to call the top-three GOP candidates “mostly” liars? Oh, and what about one that doesn’t bother to fact-check even a single Democrat?

– Pew, pronounced P-U in this instance, came out with a survey suggesting the media is stacked against Obama. Accuracy in Media takes a closer look.

First of all Pew surveyed what they called 11,500 mainstream media outlets. There may be that many media outlets, but those that are considered mainstream or influential are a fraction of that number.

Second they used an algorithm they developed to determine what constitutes positive, neutral and negative stories using a computer to assess each story. For example, a story on how well Herman Cain is liked was coded a positive and a story about Michele Bachmann’s migraines was coded negative, though neither story discussed specific proposals or policies of the candidates, which would more easily determine the story’s level of fairness.

– Media Matters view of the Occupy movement versus the tea party is too slanted to qualify as simply tunnel vision. The only answers left are ignorance and a willful disregard for the truth.

The Media Matters and Moveon.orgs of the world will distance themselves from the protesters when reality sets in. We won’t let them forget they fanned the flames.


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