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Did Media Matters Pressure Anderson Cooper To Walk Back Tax Statistic?


Here’s an interesting look at how Media Matters for America (MMfA) works, along with the quick manner with which some in media bow to its George Soros financed influence. Whatever one may think of it, it’s beyond obvious that the 53% versus whatever percent meme is about Federal Income Tax. No one has ever suggested that anyone gets away scott-free without paying taxes of some sort in America – unless perhaps one is on Obama’s short list for a job in the White House. As the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Unfortunately, when Anderson Cooper invoked the 53% number during the recent GOP debate, he wasn’t quite nuanced enough for the crew at MMfA and they immediately attacked.

Conservative activists have created a Tumblr called “We are the 53 percent” that’s meant to be a counterpunch to the viral “We are the 99 percent” site that’s become a prominent symbol for the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Tumblr is supposed to represent the 53 percent of Americans who pay federal income taxes, and its assumption is that the Wall Street protesters are part of the 46 percent of the country who don’t.

Erickson’s movement is based on a fraud. While nearly half of American households have paid no income taxes in the past few years, the vast majority of Americans do pay other taxes, including federal payroll taxes, as well as state and local taxes. In an April New York Times article, David Leonhardt explained how figures like the one Erickson was pushing distort the economic debate away from growing income inequality while completely ignoring taxes that all American households pay.

From there, presumably concerned at having displeased the storm troopers over at MMfA, aka the Progressive thought police watching uber alles things media, Cooper was quick to accept his comeuppance and grovel for mercy. That may sound harsh, unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Offers Full Correction For His Misstatement At GOP Debate That 47% Of Americans Don’t Pay Taxes

It was also noted here by MMfA, typo and all. Perhaps Cooper should now correct them. Well, at least they didn’t say, “good boy.”

UPDATE: On the October 19 edition of his CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360, Cooper issed [sic] a full correction and, commendably, made an apology:

But here, courtesy of NewsBusters, is where and why the whole noble truth teller thing falls apart. Conservatives in both old and New Media have tried to get the liberal media to play things straight for years. If anything, the relatively low ratings of some cable outlets only demonstrates how many have given up. But, right out of an old E. F. Hutton commercial, when Soros financed MMfA speaks, liberal media listens. The E. F. Hutton reference may be fitting though, considering he’s also been linked to funding those currently occupying Wall Street.

Then on Wednesday night, Cooper predictably authored a “Keeping Them Honest” round-up of the CNN Republican debate from the night before. He fact-checked various statements made by the candidates to report if they were true or false.

Cooper has questioned comments made in the past by presidential candidates Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann, among others. However, he could easily have brought to light controversial statements made this past week by President Obama and Vice President Biden regarding Obama’s jobs bill.

On Monday, Obama slammed Republicans for not supporting his jobs plan, accusing them of wanting “Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.” Cooper has not yet reported the comments on his show this week.

Then on Wednesday, Vice President Biden said he wished people opposing the jobs bill “had some notion” of what it felt like to be raped or robbed, insinuating that police and emergency responder shortages could lead to rising rates of rape and robbery. When pressed later by Human Events about his comments, he essentially re-affirmed what he had previously stated.

Cooper made no mention of those remarks on Wednesday night’s Anderson Cooper 360, however.


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