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Sorry I Missed the Obama Trip to Las Vegas


Sorry, I missed the Obama visit to Las Vegas this week. It’s a busy week for me. I’ve gotta short-sell my house and doing all the paperwork and the move, along with my job has me sort of tied up.

Mind you, I’m not complaining about the move—I just think it’s a bit disingenuous for the President of the United States of America to bring his private jet here that we all pay for (while saying he hates private jets that people buy for themselves,) while also saying people should not go to Vegas and spend their money. He actually said it twice. I guess I take it personal when so many of my friends have had their lives turned upside down by this economic collapse, while the POTUS singles out one city to attack, then comes here acting like he never said what he said. Steve Jobs was not the only person with a “Reality Distortion Field.”

While the media gloats over his new 5 point plan to save homes from going into foreclosure, the city I live in has turned into Detroit with Neon Lights. Please, stay away Obama Our former Mayor, a Democrat, has already told you you’re not welcome here. Has government not already done enough damage? Excuse me if I don’t like the same people who caused this mess, working to try to fix it.

I work in marketing with NFL teams right now and have covered and followed sports my entire life. I know that the first thing NFL coaches do after a game is go over tape to see what happened. Win or lose, they are pouring over those tapes frame by frame to see why things happened the way they did on the field. It’s critical they do this to try to prevent mistakes for next weeks game.

What Obama and the media have totally ignored (intentionally) is why the housing market in Las Vegas, and elsewhere, has collapsed, leading the economy to crumble. If you can’t honestly look at the tape, you might as well throw all your money on green and pray for the long shot.

Let’s look at the tape.

The Federal government changed the rules on how the banks loaned money for homes because they wanted more people to own homes. “Affordable housing” is what it was called. Democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were the main instigators of this, but some Republicans were there as well. They rewarded banks for making these loans to people who never would’ve qualified under the old rules–and through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac they even guaranteed the loans. The banks didn’t change these rules, government did. The banks would’ve never made these insane loans unless government encouraged them to do so, and in many cases, even “guaranteed” these loans with our dollars.

There it is. We have looked at the tape.

The media is working hard to ignore “the tape” of why this collapse of the economy happened, and in many cases, they just flat out change the tape and make up a new story, blaming the banks. They hear Obama/Biden/Dems say it, so like good parrots, they repeat it. Democrat Senators like Durbin and Schumer have basically called for “runs” on the banks. Ask B of A and IndyMac about that. Now, you have Occupy Freak Street marching on the banks. Look at the tape.

In my case, when I bought my house I played by all the old rules. 20% down, fixed mortgage, full loan docs so they knew I had the money to pay for the house–now, the collapse of housing prices in my city has made my once $600,000 dollar home worth a third of that. Stuff happens, but we know why all this happened. We’ve looked at the tape.

What has Obama been doing for the last three years, two of those with full Democrat support in Congress? His “laser like focus” has never been jobs, the economy or fixing this mess, it’s always been on passing Obamacare and now blaming Republicans. Watch the tape.

This column will be a short one—usually I write much more and get long winded–but this is a busy week for me, maybe I’ll catch part of Obama’s visit to Las Vegas on the news while I’m packing—but then again, maybe not. I already know what I’ll see.


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