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Same MSM That Spent Days Spreading Tea Party N-Word Lie Devotes 19 Seconds to Occupy Oakland Violence


Narrative. Narrative. Narrative.


The corrupt MSM will spend days spreading the lie that the N-word was hurled by a Tea Partier but when Obama’s Left-wing minions in the Occupy Wall Street movement commit violence, get arrested, and drain precious law enforcement resources, that rates 19 seconds of coverage:

The morning shows of ABC, CBS, and NBC on Tuesday devoted just 19 seconds to the arrests of 75 people in northern California, after police evicted Occupy Oakland from their encampment in front of city hall there. The Early Show devoted a news brief to the story during its last half hour, noting the violent reaction from some of the protesters. Good Morning America and the Today show both punted.


David Morgan’s article on about the confrontation specified that “Oakland police say they arrested 75 people while clearing an anti-Wall Street protest in front of City Hall that had grown into an encampment with dozens of tents.” Morgan later noted that “there were reports of a sex assault and a severe beating and fire and paramedics were denied access to the camp, according to city officials, who said they had also received numerous complaints of intimidating and threatening behavior.”

By contrast, CBS’s competitors, ABC and NBC, failed to cover the arrests in Oakland on their respective morning shows, Good Morning America and the Today show. ABC News’s website and merely reproduced Reuters and AP’s write-ups on the story.

The MSM is also ignoring at least a half dozen claims of sexual abuse among the Occupiers.

If you think back to the sixties, the MSM wasn’t afraid to broadcast video like the one posted above because they felt it would create sympathy for the anti-war movement. Obviously that’s not the case today. Anything that shows the Occupy movement in a violent or lawless light is being memory-holed because the Left knows the American people won’t stand for this kind of behavior again.

The corrupt MSM is doing everything they can to hold tight to the false narrative that Occupy Wall Street is nothing more than a bunch of concerned young people offering America a teachable moment about greed. Not that they’re a mob of trespassing, lawbreaking, crybaby, Marxist losers who want something for nothing — not that a DEMOCRAT pollster found that a full 31% of them are prepared to commit violence in pursuit of their goals.

On the off chance just one of you might be gaining a little sympathy for these wannabe welfare queens, let me leave you with this:



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