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Washington Post: We're Going to Fire Garbage at Marco Rubio Until Something Sticks


Bless WaPo‘s increasingly irrelevant heart, it’s at it again.

Marco Rubio on national ticket could be risky bet for Republican Party

Just a week after the paper misfired badly at the Florida Senator, it’s not only giving it another go; it’s using its own discredited and quietly scrubbed smear piece as evidence to support itself.

But Rubio’s role in recent controversies, including a dispute with the country’s biggest Spanish-language television network and new revelations that he had mischaracterized his family’s immigrant story, shows that any GOP bet on his national appeal could be risky.

One of the biggest hallmarks of the MSM dinosaur in its death throes is the tendency to reveal which Republicans scare it the most, and to provide clues to the GOP as to how it should react (whether the GOP has honed its clue-taking ability is a story for another post).

The previously indomitable message machine for the Democrats is so unused to vulnerability that it panics way ahead of time. Predictably, the panic tends to manifestitself in stories about what is or is not good for the Republican party. Because, you know, the MSM has a history of really, really caring about Republicans.

Concern duly noted and heartily laughed at.

A charismatic young Hispanic Republican Senator from the biggest swing state in American electoral politics is someone to be greatly feared as far as the left-leaning media is concerned, and Marco Rubio has had them sweating for a while.

Of course, WaPo doesn’t just use its own dubious reporting to bolster predictions of Rubio’s risk value for the GOP, there’s also the fact that Democrats have already decided how Hispanic voters should behave.

Democrats had already questioned whether a Cuban American who has voiced conservative views on immigration and opposed the historic Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina justice, could appeal to a national Hispanic electorate of which Cubans are just a tiny fraction but have special immigration status.

Naturally, Democrats and the Washington Post should be the go-to sources for Republicans to figure out what works.

Sadly, the MSM is never lacking in GOP “experts” to chime in on these “concerned” pieces.

“If he does take that mantle, there’ll be a lot of clarification that he’ll have to make on a whole lot of issues,” said Lionel Sosa, a longtime GOP strategist.

Nothing frightens Democrats more than a minority voter who is a registered Republican. It severely disrupts the meme that the GOP is still secretly getting fitted for Klan hoods at party meetings. Democrats begin to sweat severely when said Republican begins to rise to prominence and they need to get the message out that this will not stand. That is why Rubio was immediately labeled a “risk” and Herman Cain was dismissed as “Pizza Man.”

The amount of fear that Marco Rubio strikes in their hearts is indicated by the fact that they’ve been going after him since he was in second place in primary polling. Thus far, all they’ve been able to come up with is the fact that he might be a liability for Republicans at some time in the future. In each election cycle, the nature of his alleged downside is different, which is really proof that this is more about making a meme stick than anything that is actually occurring.

The Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media are forever explaining to us why this or that Republican is irrelevant, using myopic leftist criteria. In days past, when they controlled all political narrative, many GOP officials and voters would believe a lot of it.

Those days, however, are very, very much in the past. It is time for the GOP to stop playing into their hands, take the gift they’re being given by the floundering left as it reveals its fears, and exploit it.


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