Sunday Crib Sheet: Newt Gingrich Vs Meghan McCain, Slate And OWS Signs

More than 25 million watch the Cardinals’ epic World Series win over the Rangers on Friday.

Newt Gingrich says what we all think about Meghan McCain: “How does she have a clue?” More importantly, how can we cure her suffering from the disillusionment that we care?

The Guardian vs Reuters:

“Wow. Thanks to @Reuters for at least changing a few of the words from my story,” Miriam Elder, The Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, tweeted Thursday, suggesting that Reuters had either plagiarized or borrowed heavily from her work without crediting her.

– Something about Rainn Wilson and his Twitter mishap over tacos. I forgot everything in this story when I read this:

Either way, I’d never heard of Del Taco before this, so PR success.

How can you like tacos and not have heard of Del Taco? Sure, I’m presupposing that everyone likes tacos, but egads man! There is nothing like sitting in the drive-thru of a Del Taco at 2 a.m. for some chicken soft tacos and secret sauce because everything else is closed. The moral of the story: Twitter is instant marketing.

Dahlia Lithwick gives a half-exerted effort at spinning the complete lack of cohesive message from OWS into a “they don’t want the corporate media” defense. For a movement that doesn’t want corporate media attention because it’s corporate, they sure do whine about it a lot on all of their corporately produced devices via corporate-developed social media sites. She says to judge them by their signs.

They are holding up signs that are perfectly and intrinsically clear …

OK. If you say so.

SO CLEAR. You are totally right, Dahlia.

Oh, the JEWS. Right.

MORE Jews. Got it.

OK, I think we get it now. THE JEWS.

Still with the Jews. Oh, at least there’s a Troy Davis sign now.

I haven’t heard the word “Zion” mentioned so much since the third Matrix move, and that flick sucked out loud, but not as bad as the logical deficiency of this grassroots rave we’re seeing in the public parks now.

As in … they’re both … black?


You know who can, though? This guy.

Dude, Crystal Pepsi sucked.

Got it.

You’re right, Lithwick. Their signs are “intrinsically clear”: sh*t is f*cked up, the Jews, Troy Davis, Weed, Crystal Pepsi, and douches. Do you hear that, Wall Street??

– Oh, and if you’re having second thoughts on judging OWS by their signs, you can always judge them by their actual actions.


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